Preview payroll with just one click – anytime, anywhere. We excel in automating the payroll process with data imports and APIs to minimize data entry. That means less admin time (and costs) on your end, and an accurate, personalized payday for your employees – whether it’s 5 or 5,000!

isolved People Cloud


One database, one login. Payroll and HR data are collected on one cloud-based platform, giving you the most accurate payday and quick payroll processing.  This streamlined approach to pay eliminates opportunity for error, reduces paper waste, and cuts down admin time/costs.


Your Payroll Specialist


You’re never alone! Each Payarc client is assigned a Payroll Specialist (yes – a REAL person, not an automated bot) to assist your company with all things payroll. We believe each company has a set of unique needs which is why we are dedicated to personalizing the payroll process as much as possible. All clients have full contact information available for not only their Payroll Specialist, but Managers too! 

Employees and Managers get instant access to the tools they need, from HR to Payroll, talent and performance to time tracking – all built into one seamless technology. The modern user interface empowers your employees to control their information from anywhere, on any device.


Includes (but not limited to):

  • Year-end form
  • Pay history 
  • Full paycheck details and archive
  • Modern time cards with simplified tracking 
  • Filterable calendar with access to schedules, absences, an an hourly summary
  • Time-off balances and requests
  • Emergency contacts, beneficiaries, and dependents
  • Federal reporting data

Included with isolved’s People Cloud. Available for digital download and print via web-based portal, or mobile (text!)

What is The Work Number?

Your employees may need to verify their income and employment info when applying for things like loans, credit, or government benefits.  Now The Work Number will handle those requests for you – increasing security and reducing the burden on your HR Department. 


How Does it Work?

The Work Number service fulfills verification requests by privately transmitting payroll information through iSolved software directly for source data accuracy (governed by the FCRA). All verifiers are required to complete a credentialing process prior to gaining access to employee information and provide permissible purpose for the verification.


Learn More Here

Federal, State, and Local Tax filing and reporting available

Tax Payment Dashboard allows service users to view in standard or calendar form, preview, and select tax payments, and generate related tax coupons, e-filed, and forms.

Employee management tool that allows you to initiate onboarding and manage the onboarding process. This dashboard includes filtering employees based on name, legal, onboarding template, current status of onboarding, and more. 

Prepare financial statements within isolved’s People Cloud. Create general journals that can be hand-keyed or imported into your existing software. GL Reports can be ran on demand and automatically generated with each payroll process.

Administrative Wage Garnishment, Bankruptcy, Child Support, Federal Tax Levy, State Tax Levy,  Student Loan, and Voluntary Wage Assignment – all processed with state rule accommodations (when applicable).

Build reports for Payroll, GL, Time, Benefits, and more!

Create your own reports in minutes – from tracking hours and earnings by State to viewing all employee punches per day – in isolved’s People Cloud. All employee data lives in one place, making report building an easy tool to simplify important tracking and company decision making. 

Deliver one of the most comprehensive paycard programs that eliminates paper in the payroll office and benefits employers and employees.


Employer Benefits:


  • Zero employer fees, including no shipping fees for card inventory and training
  • Savings: Realize immediate savings and efficiencies by reducing paper paychecks
  • Card-linking for lost or stolen cards
  • Automated card inventory for multiple location inventory control


Employee Benefits:


  • Account Access 24/7 with the Rapid! Access mobile app and text alerts
  • No monthly maintenance fee, no overdraft fees, no minimum balance and no credit check needed
  • Fraud protection built on intelligent Neural-Network security that learns a cardholder’s behavior rather than rudimentary state geographic transaction systems, or geo-fencing
  • And a whole lot more: Surcharge free ATMs nationwide, cash back rewards, interest bearing savings, and companion cards

Employees can easily set up Direct Deposit whenever, where ever within the Employee Self Service feature. Set up takes less than one minute – making it easier for your company to go paperless and streamline payday.

Track the location of your paychecks with our FedEx Tracking API. Receive notification via email to know exactly when your employee’s paystubs will be delivered.

Employees and Managers can easily track Leave Accruals with a summary that includes: Hours Accrued, Hours Taken, and Available Balance per Accrual per Pay Period. With Self-Service, employees can view their Accrual Balance and directly request Leave Time within the same portal. 

Arrears balance available in Employee Deductions. May be paid over time or in one lump-sum.

Available for PEO requirements for worksite reporting (Form BLS 3030).

Reports listing information on the employee, including scheduled garnishments, direct deposits, leave accruals, as well as company assets. This can be used to determine any paid out accruals earned, notify a garnishment agency of the termination; stop any scheduled earnings or a tool to collect back any company assets assigned.

Rehire within isolved’s People Cloud and maintain the history record of an employee’s previous employment with your company. 

Connect your Point-of-Sale and Back-Office Data directly into isolved with our API developments. Moving data has never been easier!

Variety of Worker’s Comp reporting including MTD, YTD, and QTD reports and exports. These reports will support eligible wage rules by state.

Modernize Your Approach to Payroll

Your workforce is developing – you should be, too! Payarc’s latest mobile features are 100% self-service for employees – drastically increasing engagement and satisfaction while keeping up with the latest technology.

Early Wage Access (EWA)

On-demand paychecks and financial education at low or no cost to employers

Waiting until payday is a thing of the past with Early Wage Access. Now employees can access on-demand pay for a small fee*, giving them financial flexibility when they need it. This feature also includes free financial education easily accessed via mobile app. 

Payarc offers two EWA carriers:

*Fee varies based on provider and employee

Paystub By Text

Text feature to increase employee engagement and simplify payroll

Employees now have the option to receive their paystubs (and W-2s) via text message. Registration takes less than 1 minute, and require NO ADMIN on your end. With Paystub by Text, employees will receive their paystub the night before their payday. They can also view previous paystubs using the same link!