Onboarding Solutions

Paperless onboarding eliminates new hire paperwork. Everything is done online including personal data, W4 and state exemption paperwork, direct deposit/pay card info and I-9’s.

We offer 2 onboarding solutions: iSolved Onboarding and Efficient Apply/Hire.

Efficient Apply/Hire

Track and manage your applicants through the entire hiring process-from recruiting candidates to reviewing applications, and finally to hiring the right person for the job. All in one place!

  • Post a job in minutes to hundreds of job boards
  • Reduce time to fill positions
  • Powerful WOTC processing system that automatically reviews and processes each application
  • Generate real-time reports

Efficient Hire is a 100% cloud based, mobile-friendly new employee application, onboarding, and compliance software solution.

  • Automate onboarding checklist
  • Ensure compliance with W-4, state tax forms, I-9/E-verify, Internal company policies
  • Step-by-step guided, interactive Q&A
  • Integrate and maintain direct deposit information
  • Works well and optimized for mobile
  • WOTC and E-verify are integrated seamlessly into the system
  • Rapid Pay pay cards get automatically enrolled with the vendor before they even get to payroll
  • Can create custom fillable forms
  • English and Spanish

iSolved Hire

  • iSolved Onboarding is integrated in iSolved
  • Internal Integration; all W-4 and I-9 documents, and acknowledgement pages are saved within the system directly
  • Easily transfer employees from iSolved Hire into iSolved Onboarding 
  • In most cases there is no extra charge for onboarding; iSolved Hire (recruitment) requires an extra charge
  • Can create unlimited miscellaneous fields within system (i.e. uniform size)