Human Resources Solutions

Human Resources

Completely manage all aspects of your workforce with a single data source. We provide an unprecedented view of your employees & save you from needing to import data multiple times or import & export from multiple systems. Create workflows to eliminate paper requests.

  • Recruitment/Applicant Tracking
  • Paperless onboarding
  • OSHA reporting and injury tracking
  • 401K and IRA plans
  • Add photo to employee profile
  • Recruitment
  • E-Verify
  • Background checks
  • Time off requests
  • iSolved Learn for training courses and creating your own curriculum and testing
  • iSolved Mojo for employee engagement: social feeds, feedback, suggestions, recognition and gamification
  • In same database as Payroll, Time and Benefits
  • Track Awards, Certifications, permits with expiration dates
  • Track Driver’s License and Insurance
  • Track Assets like cars, laptops, iPads, phones, tools, keys, credit cards etc. given to employees
  • Track Training
  • Track Minors Work Permits
  • EEO-1 reporting
  • Track I-9 renewals
  • Employee Contacts like emergency, beneficiaries, benefits
  • Injury Tracking and OSHA reporting
  • Salary/Wage Rate tracking
  • Track job/promotion history
  • Disciplinary action tracking
  • Employee Notes
  • Document tracking by employee and optionally hide from employees/managers
  • Track Accruals sick, vacation, PTO etc. print on paystub or view in self-service
  • Track hiring, terminations and turnover
  • Have employee sign/resign handbook/documents which are available in self-service

Employee & Manager Self Service

All the features and services located in one convenient place.  The portal can be accessed on a PC, iPad, or the GO APP for Android and iPhone users.  It is streamlined to work fast and efficient, for both the employees and the manager’s who maintain their employee records.

  • Can be run on PC or iPad
  • iSolved GO APP for Android and iPhone
  • View and print Paystubs/W2s/ACA 1095’s, documents, handbooks etc. Client can choose what employee sees.
  • If using timeclock, employee can clock in on phone thru self-service (you can also restrict that) Can also do geo-fencing which can restrict clock in and out to a restricted area. Can track employees by GPS.
  • Managers and DM’s can optionally have privileges for printing paystubs/W2’s for their employees
  • Onboard employees thru manager self-service
  • reset employee self-service password or add email address
  • Can optionally make address changes
  • Term/rehire employees
  • Request rate changes
  • Request/approve time off
  • Add documents
  • Disciplinary tracking