Benefits & ACA Solutions


The iSolved benefits enrollment process increases employee engagement. Reporting helps smooth out the complexities of your open enrollment period. It also includes the popular “Life Event Wizard”.

  • In same database as Payroll, Time and HR
  • Organized Enrollment: Increase employee engagement with proper checks and reporting, which will simplify the open enrollment period for everyone involved
  • Life Events Wizard: Make changes to benefit plans quickly, ensuring your employees have the right coverage for their changing situations
  • We can send carriers the information automatically each day including life event changes i.e. Divorce, marriage, children etc.
  • Can administer COBRA
  • ACA tracking and 1095-C reporting, 1094-C Electronically filed to IRS
  • Track arrears for employees who did not work or did not make enough to pay their premiums
  • Adds Benefit cost for EE+ER to box 12 DD of W2
  • Retirement Plans can be setup in the system
  • Benefits deduction start/stop


iSolved lets you clearly and easily determine your ACA compliance with employee types, status and more. All with the push of a button. See more benefits to our ACA Solutions below.

  • Find out who is eligible.
  • Track employees as they move across different companies.
  • Produces the 1095-C Reports and 1094-C electronic files to IRS.
  • Links to both payroll and benefits.