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HR/Integration Director 

HI!! My name is Joanna Karlstad, I have been working with Alistair and Payarc for 2 years now. Most of our team are tenured, and my tenure being on the low end. That really speaks to the strength of our team and the culture here at Payarc. I started working at Payarc as a Benefits Admin Support and now my current role as Human Resource Manager/Integration Director.

I have two beautiful children, one who is in college studying Dental Hygiene and the other only 2 short years before he sets out to mold his future too.

My Husband and I have 3 funny, loveable dogs too!

We love to hang out by our pool in the summertime with our friends, garden, and travel to places we have never seen before, over the next few years, Scotland and Norway are our next stops! I was born in Scotland, moving to the states when I was 9 years old and my Husband has a very strong Norwegian family tree.